Health & Wellness

Gloucester Community Foundation maintains an ongoing interest in the health and wellness of our region with a simple goal in mind -- to ensure that local residents are safe and healthy. Our holistic view of health includes access to quality and affordable health care, appropriate use of a medical home and initiatives that empower individuals to develop active, healthy lifestyles that begin in childhood and continue through all phases of life. We also invest in programs that promote safe home, school and neighborhood environments.

Our goals:

  • Residents have access to comprehensive and coordinated preventative services and quality health care.
  • Residents are connected to resources that meet their health, nutritional and safety needs.

Recent Grants

Spring 2018

Avalon Center - $2,500 to support those affected by domestic and sexual abuse through counseling, legal advocacy, hospital accompaniment, shelter and youth programs.

Gloucester Commonwealth's Attorney's Office
- $2,000 to create a room for victims of child physical and sexual abuse, where prosecutors, advocates and social workers can interview children, and victims can feel comfortable while waiting to tesify.

Virginia Peninsula Foodbank - $1,500 to purchase child-friendly, weekend food for elementary school students identified as at risk for food insecurity at Botetourt Elementary during the school year.

Bread for Life Community Food Pantry
- $1,500 to support purchase of food to distribute to inviduals and families in the community.  In 2018, the pantry with distribute over 925,000 lbs. of food, of which about 33% must be purchased.

Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic - $1.073 to support the Acute Care Clinic, providing care for patients with episodic medical conditions such as colds, flu, rash, undiagnosed pain, etc.  Acute Care includes appointments during each weekday and one evening per week.

Alzheimer's Association
- $1,000 to provide social interaction and individualized, art-centered activities for persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, reducing social isolation, stress and feelings of depression.